We Make Natural Light Work for You

We understand that solar control needs vary. That’s why we’re committed to offering the largest possible selection of shading solutions for your project. Ver-Tex supplies, installs and supports all major manual, motorized and fully automated roller shading systems.

Occupant Comfort

Controlling the solar UV rays that enter through the windows can help reduce the building’s solar heat gain, reduce screen glare and help protect fabrics and surfaces from premature fading and degradation. Modern shade fabrics can reflect UV rays, provide privacy and room darkening, act as insulation and even improve a room's acoustics.

Ver-Tex has access to nearly any fabric solution to help increase the comfort of the space, which can indirectly contribute to your staff’s performance. Studies show that occupant comfort is directly correlated to the level of employee engagement. This is known as ‘social sustainability’ and working it into the design plan can prove to yield positive returns for the company that includes higher output and lower turnover.

Energy Conservation

Utilizing the right solar control solutions can help reduce reliance on artificial light by optimizing the use of natural light. For your commercial facility, this can translate to reduced HVAC loads and lower energy costs. Considered part of a building’s envelope, the shades you choose can significantly impact the building’s performance with regard to both energy savings and indoor comfort.

To get the most energy savings from your shade system, consider the control method that works best for the purpose of the space. Motorized shades can be integrated with most BMS/BAS, providing the convenience of automation and maximum energy efficiency; some systems have built-in tracking sensors that enable the sun’s activity to trigger either a shades-up or shades-down command. For greater control with just as much convenience, you can set schedules that automatically tell the system when to execute an open or close action.

Daylight Harvesting

While it’s advantageous to block the sun to reduce heat gain and increase energy savings, the sun’s light can be a very powerful asset. While implementing a sustainable shading system into a building’s design, a daylight harvesting system can be utilized to make use of the natural sunlight to light the building, reducing lighting peak demand by up to 50% and increasing the building’s energy efficiency.

Daylight harvesting systems use photocell sensors to adjust the building’s lights according to how much sunlight they sense. This type of system allows for sunlight to be used to light the building while still allowing for the electric lights to act as a light source when it’s dark or overcast.

Ver-Tex installs daylight sensors, automated shading systems, intelligent energy storage solutions and other integratable components to allow our clients to enjoy the most beneficial solutions on the market while reducing their impact on the environment.

There is an automated solar control solution for every space, no matter the size or purpose. Such a vast selection of solutions may seem overwhelming, but our team is here to help you find the right solution that will best serve your unique needs.