Office & Home
Lighting Solutions

Lighting is crucial to the function and comfort of any space, whether it’s at home, at work or in another setting, such as church, theater or museum, to name a few. The right lighting can elevate moods and increase energy levels or promote relaxation and help regulate sleep schedules. Since a less-than-ideal lighting situation can make any environment less pleasant, Ver-Tex strives to incorporate comfortable lighting into residential, commercial and municipal interior designs. Through our collaborative efforts with Barrisol, we’ve delivered hundreds of optimal lighting solutions throughout New England and the southeast region of the United States.

Commercial Lighting Solutions

Ver-Tex’s installation team delivers lighting installations to best fit the space and achieve your lighting goals, whether that includes reduced eye strain, better moods, increased productivity or more creative employee output. Ver-Tex can provide a Barrisol solution for almost any need, including simulated daylight in a windowless space, indirect lighting for reduced eye strain, or variable-intensity lighting fixtures for a customized experience.

We install Barrisol systems in spaces of all sizes, from open, expansive spaces for which a backlit stretch ceiling can perfectly accommodate, to tighter, more intimate settings that could benefit from a lighted Barrisol panel, light boxes or Lumiere® color wall for a comfortable and unique ambiance.

Ver-Tex’s Barrisol consultants can help guide you through a wide range of options for your office or commercial facility to ensure that you get an end product that is universally comfortable and enjoyable for your employees, customers and visitors.

Barrisol home living space

Barrisol Lighting Solutions
at Home

Arguably one of the most important facets of your home’s interior design, the lighting you choose can define the entire personality of each room. Depending on placement, direction, color, intensity and diffusion, a room’s lighting can make it feel soothing and cozy, friendly and welcoming, bright and productive, or any other combination of ambient conditions.

Barrisol creates the ultimate array of lighting solutions for your home, and Ver-Tex expertly installs your chosen fixtures so that each room in your home evokes the exact emotion or state of mind that suits the room’s intended use. Our consulting team can help you determine which options best meet your unique needs.