Acoustic Solutions for Commercial & Multi-Residential Projects

We know all too well that too much noise can create a productivity nightmare as well as put a damper on your downtime. With more than 15 years of bringing industry-leading acoustical solutions to our wide range of customers, Ver-Tex partners with a variety of product manufacturers to provide solutions that dampen the sound, but not the style, of your space.

Commercial Acoustic Solutions

Large, open indoor environments are often loud due to a cacophony of voices, equipment, ringing phones, foot traffic and more. Without an effective acoustic solution in place, the reverberation from these sounds can seem much louder. When you think about how noisy it is in an airport, stadium, auditorium, bus terminal, or even a large lobby, adding reverberation to the noise can make it next to impossible to even hold a conversation.

Our customized acoustic solutions can dramatically cut down the noise level in open and/or crowded indoor spaces. We have a team of acoustic experts who can meet with you, walk through your space and help you determine what your exact acoustical needs are and how we can create a solution that complements your design aesthetic. From wall panels to stretch ceilings and many other acoustic solutions, we can help you create a space that not only sounds great but is aesthetically pleasing and unique.

Quiet Comfort at Home

Upon arriving home at the end of the work day, the last thing many of us welcome is more noise. Everything from appliances to lawn equipment, barking dogs to playing children, gaming consoles, TV and more can create a chaotic atmosphere in the one space that’s supposed to be a place to decompress. For most people, a noisy abode doesn’t come close to providing the relaxation they're seeking.

To offer a softer, calmer space to relax in, there are many different options to improve the quality of a home’s atmosphere. Ver-Tex’s sound-dampening offerings are designed to absorb harsh noise, echoes and reverberations while providing aesthetic value and doesn’t detract from the building’s architectural value.


As New England’s exclusive Barrisol installation team, Ver-Tex installs a wide variety of Barrisol’s acoustical, lighting and other architectural applications for all types of residential, commercial and municipal spaces. This unique system utilizes a non-flammable PVC membrane that is stretched over a patented rail system perfect for any space. Barrisol’s added benefits include vast customization, high level of versatility, insulative potential and more.

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Ver-Tex works with Slalom to deliver unique acoustical products of all shapes, sizes, colors, textures and mounting methods. Offering custom acoustic furniture, baffles, cloud systems, screens, dividers and ceiling applications, Slalom can deliver nearly anything you can imagine, in acoustic form. As one of the most sustainable acoustic brands on the market, Slalom’s products are GreenGuard Certified and provide eco-friendly solutions through the company’s commitment to using recycled and recyclable materials in the production of its products.

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Windfall’s Cambio wall systems provide a custom acoustic solution that allows for truly original artistic flair in home or office spaces. Cambio uses a one-of-a-kind magnetic mounting system to make it easy to create a wall finish like no other. With the option to mix the materials of your design – Cambio offers acoustical panels in wood, metal, felt, pin board, color block and more – there is virtually no limit to what you can create on your walls, and most Cambio system products are sustainably sourced and finished with no- and low-VOC stains & varnishes.

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