Smart Shading Solutions

Powering Smart Home Solutions

Somfy’s smart solutions are developed through the company’s dedication to comfort, energy efficiency and building performance. Serving all sectors across the commercial and multi-residential industries, Somfy’s range of solar shading, building controls and shade motors are designed around cultivating high-quality living and working conditions in all kinds of buildings.

Ver-Tex and Somfy share a common belief: comfortable occupants are happier and more productive, and we can provide said comfort through intelligent controls that help optimize energy usage, utilize natural daylight and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building. In partnership with Somfy to deliver effective shading solutions powered by innovative motors and controls, Ver-Tex has been changing the way project owners think about shading solutions.

Somfy Specializes In

  • Interior Window Coverings
  • Exterior Shading
  • Exterior Protection
  • Smart Home & Controls
  • Commercial Motorization Projects
  • & Much More

Utilizing some of Somfy’s top products, Ver-Tex delivers comfort, aesthetics and performance to buildings of all types.

Why Somfy?

Visual comfort: Utilize natural light to improve moods and productivity while reducing glare on computer screens.

Thermal comfort: Modulate room temperatures by implementing occupancy sensors, temperature sensors and automated controls to block or filter direct sunlight with or without manual intervention.

Energy savings: Reduce reliance on electric lighting through daylight harvesting and reduce heat gain by blocking direct sunlight.

Aesthetics: Enhance privacy, adjust ambiance and maintain total control of sunlight with solar shading solutions.

animeo® IP Building Controller

Automated solar shade management gets even more of an upgrade with Somfy’s animeo® IP Building Controller. Featuring built-in applications to manage schedules, sun tracking and programmable settings, the animeo® helps reduce dependency on electric lights and keeps occupants comfortable by raising or lowering shades automatically based on current weather conditions, as detected by the system’s sensors.

The animeo® system is easy to operate and can handle up to 200 individual motors before needing a sub-controller to expand the capacity, making it a great choice for buildings of all sizes. While the system facilitates total shading automation, it’s flexible enough to allow users to manually override auto settings with a remote, switch, desktop app or mobile device. Most importantly, the animeo® integrates with building automation systems to decrease operating loads from lighting and/or HVAC.