Acoustic & Partition Systems

Innovative Acoustic Technology

Slalom believes that the first step to achieving acoustic comfort is a great design, a belief the brand shares with Ver-Tex. Aesthetics are important to any design, and Slalom delivers in that aspect, but a Slalom system is created specifically to maximize the acoustic value of an interior space while making it a comfortable, friendly environment to work in. Ver-Tex can help achieve this goal by providing our consultation and installation services to ensure optimal flexibility, comfort and functionality of open-plan workspaces.

Acoustic Solutions

  • Wall- and ceiling-mounted
    baffles & clouds
  • Freestanding walls & partitions
  • Booths & cubes
  • False ceilings
  • Furniture

Slalom uses a sustainable process that includes using raw materials, minimal energy investment, and recycled and recyclable materials in both product and packaging when possible

Custom Acoustic Solutions

Slalom’s deep research and extensive testing allows for a clear understanding of the technology that makes a high-performing product. ECOrange, Slalom’s precision-engineered, lightweight acoustic panel collection, offers a wide range of aesthetic options for spaces of all kinds. Finished with Layer Felt, which offers a versatile, skin-like application, a customized Slalom system is perfect for any workspace in need of increased privacy and reduced ambient noise.

Sustainability & Well-being

With environmental responsibility and human health at the forefront of the company’s research, Slalom makes a point to create quality acoustic solutions that meet green standards. Sustainability is more than a responsibility; to Slalom, it’s a code of ethics that drives every business decision from the commitment to use recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible to considering human safety issues associated with chemical emissions when developing products.