Art, Form, Wall and Ceiling Solutions

Patented Slim Profile Track

Novawall’s patented slim profile track system and seemingly endless options of fabrics, colors, patterns, textures and more have provided an opportunity to add acoustic solutions to a space without compromising the desired aesthetic. Working closely with fabric manufacturers, Novawall creates custom precision-fabricated ceiling and wall systems that can alter the acoustics of a space innocuously or double as a vibrant work of art.

Novawall’s site-fabricated system is PVC-free and custom-made to be used in nearly any environment.

Novawall is Ideal For:

  • Arenas
  • Classrooms
  • Event Centers
  • Museums
  • Hotels
  • Recording Studios
  • Religious Facilities
  • Retail & Restaurants

Novawall’s patented EcoTRACK system can be installed as part of a LEED-certified new construction, retrofit or build-out project. The system has an estimated 25-year lifespan, is impact-resistant and is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life.


When wall space is scarce, look up. Ceilings are often overlooked as a place to improve the room’s acoustics, but the wide-spanning Novaspan System is ideal for use on large ceilings. Novaspan provides acoustic insulation that absorbs sound and greatly reduces reverberation in large or echo-prone spaces, such as indoor pools, event centers and kennels.


Novawall’s customization allows the system to be utilized in nearly any type of space, providing acoustic solutions while presenting as a work of art. From custom-printed designs to moldable frame shapes, the Novawall system can set the desired tone for the space whether it’s understated, bold, or highly personalized.


Novaform P.E.T. is Novawall’s custom cloud, baffle and banner line. Available in custom shapes and designs, this line is perfect for creating acoustic room dividers, wall tiles, desk partitions and more. As an exclusive certified installer, Ver-Tex can deliver a custom product that can be wall-mounted, hanging or free-standing.