High Performance & Sustainability

Sun Control Fabrics

South Carolina-based Mermet is an industry leader in creating innovative textile products intended to improve the energy efficiency, occupant comfort and environmental impact of a building. As a proponent of all of these things, Ver-Tex enthusiastically partners with Mermet to fulfill our dedication to improving overall building envelope performance.

Why Choose Mermet?

  • Sustainability
  • Aesthetics
  • View-Through and Glare Control
  • Occupant Comfort
  • Engineered High-Performance

Create building designs that maximize energy efficiency and occupant comfort with Mermet solar control textiles.

GreenScreen® Fabrics by Mermet

Mermet delivers on its promise of sustainability with its uniquely created GreenScreen® shading fabrics. Made from naturally occurring materials and recycled plastic, these textiles are GreenGuard Gold Certified and make an excellent sustainable choice for project owners hoping for LEED or other green building recognition.

With several sustainable material options available for GreenScreen® fabrics, including fiberglass, post-industrial fiber and plastic waste and post-consumer plastic water bottles, Mermet continues with its pledge to reduce its environmental impact through the fabrication process while providing shading textiles that come in many options regarding colors, weave, openness factor, UV blocking and solar reflectance.

High Performance KOOLBLACK® Technology

Mermet’s patented KOOLBLACK® technology is fabricated using vinyl-coated fiberglass, making it perfect as the shading fabric of choice when both aesthetics and heat reflectance are priorities. With up to 99% UV blocking capabilities, KOOLBLACK® has the potential to contribute significantly to overall energy savings. KOOLBLACK® is a versatile, high-performance product that is engineered to provide comfort and energy efficiency to any type of building.