Innovative Commercial Shading Solutions

Commercial Solar Control Products

Mecho has been a leading commercial window shade provider since 1969, delivering shading solutions that promote a healthier environment and a more comfortable and productive workspace.

Incorporating Mecho’s high-performance shade solutions into an overall commercial building performance plan can help optimize the health, performance and comfort of the building’s occupants, and many of Mecho’s products are eligible for LEED contribution.

High-performance Shades

  • Optimized HVAC performance
  • Maximum daylight control
  • Desired aesthetic value
  • Increased productivity
  • Energy cost savings
  • Touchless operation

Mecho’s automated solutions help increase building-wide energy efficiency while reducing energy waste and are scalable to fit any size project.

SolarTrac 4.0

For the most efficient shade automation, Mecho created the SolarTrac 4.0, an innovative automated shading system that uses Mecho’s own proprietary algorithms to improve a building’s energy efficiency through optimal use of daylight, sky condition monitoring, BTU load calculations and more.

This sophisticated technology is compatible with all major building automation systems, supports mobile phone controls and can accommodate up to one hundred individual users. The system can also diagnose itself to order needed maintenance, which, combined with Ver-Tex’s preventative maintenance service agreement, can save building owners a significant amount of time and money regarding the upkeep of the system.

Motorized Shade Systems

Paired with automated control systems, Mecho’s motorized shades are seamlessly integrated with your building’s automated management system. These shades can be installed sans automation, instead using wall, remote or mobile application controls to give the user ultimate control over daylight at the touch of a button or tap of a screen.

Manual Shade Systems

With a full range of hardware options, Mecho’s industry-leading shade cloth provides a heavier shade for more daylight control, smooth operation and a clean, modern design to provide interior and exterior aesthetic value. These shades are competitively priced, though they look and operate as sleek as their high-end counterparts.