Residential & Commercial Shading Solutions

Innovative Shading Applications

Lutron believes in making the most of available daylight by utilizing it when possible to reduce reliance on electric lighting. However, it’s also important to have control over just how much daylight enters a building at any given time.

Ver-Tex partners with Lutron to provide our commercial and residential clients with innovative shading solutions that can help save energy, regulate indoor temperatures, and reduce glare and heat gain from harsh sunlight.

Lutron’s sustainably manufactured shading fabrics are ideal for buildings in which occupant comfort and building envelope performance are high-priority, especially when paired with Hyperion solar adaptive technology. Known as designing for daylight autonomy, the shading system utilizes innovative technology to automatically adjust and filter based on the amount of sunlight detected by the system’s sensors. This allows for the optimal balance of sunlight utilization to conserve energy and keep occupants comfortable.

For Commercial & Residential

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants & Retail
  • Event centers
  • Medical centers
  • Educational facilities
  • Small & large homes
  • Whole-home controls
  • Individual room controls
  • Mobile devices controls

The Lutron product line offers users immense flexibility and energy saving capabilities. Whether you're looking decrease your energy bill, increase the comfort level of your indoor area or implement a smart lighting system - Lutron has a viable solution for you.

Energy-saving Solutions

Lutron’s products aim to reduce overall energy consumption worldwide, whether they’re installed in a one-room apartment, an entire office park, or a 52-story skyscraper. Lutron’s shading solutions have saved consumers millions in energy costs annually as well as reduced the demand for light bulbs.