One-of-a-Kind Custom-fabricated Shading Systems

Shading Solutions Developed Domestically

Draper is focused on innovative shade designs that deliver high-quality, full-capability shade solutions for any kind of application. For nearly 120 years, Draper has leveraged the brightest minds to conduct deep and thorough research to develop the most effective materials, hardware and operating mechanisms in the industry.

Draper’s manufacturing capacity allows the company to create a variety of shade systems and control packages that are unique, innovative, and customized to each individual client’s needs. Located in Indiana, U.S., Draper’s domestic production supports high quality and shorter lead times than those of overseas competitors.

Shade & Solar Solutions

  • Motorized Shades
  • Manual Shades
  • Skylight/Tension Shades
  • Outdoor Shading
  • Digitally Printed Shades
  • Specialty Shading

Draper produces high performance products using the latest technology. Customized for your specific needs, Draper provides solar & shading solutions that'll meet the demands for any project.

Core Solutions

Draper’s core product offerings are efficient, minimally customized and delivered quickly, perfect for projects with uncomplicated parameters.

Advanced Solutions

Taking core products and offering more customization, these options provide high performance, choice of fabrics and colors, and an almost limitless range of hardware selections.

Tailored Solutions

For projects with more complex requirements, Draper offers custom-engineered solutions that are perfectly tailored to the project at hand.