Award Winning Easy Installation System

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Interior Architectural Touches for the Imaginative

The Cambio Wall System is a fast-install design solution made of lightweight rails and proprietary magnetic panels that can be rearranged any time for a fresh new look. The system provides the ability to mix materials and panel sizes to create unique visual effects with very little effort and time. Cambio panels come in a wide range of colors, textures and materials, so there is an infinite number of possibilities in terms of design combos.

Several Stunning Materials

  • Wall Systems
  • Color Block
  • Felt
  • Wood
  • Pin Board
  • Metal

Cambio Wall Systems allow designers to create their own rules when it comes color, texture and versatility

Endless Material & Color Combos

Cambio Wall Systems provide endless design options and more, with a range of material and color combinations available. Cambio Felt provides a softer texture with added acoustic value in a range of 35 colors and four different panel sizes. Each ¾”-thick felt panel is made from 60% recycled PET.

Cambio Color Blocks

Cambio Color Blocks are available in 43 colors and three different panel sizes. They can be attached horizontally or vertically and look beautiful alone or mounted alongside other Cambio materials such as Felt or Wood. Each panel is ¾” thick and available with either Class A or B fire-rated treatment.

Cambio Wood Panels

Cambio Wood adds a sophisticated touch of nature to wall designs with ¾”-thick panels in the customer’s choice of white oak, caribbean walnut or D3 (reclaimed Douglas Fir). These panels can be attached to system rails with the grain running vertically or horizontally, and each is available with metal edge banding in brushed silver or a powder coat in either black or white.

Cambio Pin Board & Metal Panels

Available in 15 rich colors and three different panel sizes, Cambio Pin Board is a ⅝”-thick self-healing cork material that adds both color and function to a work space.

Cambio Metal provides magnetic utility and the ⅝”-thick panels are available in white, black or gray in the customer’s choice of four panel sizes.