Partnering to Provide Custom Solutions

The Ver-tex design team works with a range of trusted manufacturers to provide top-quality solar control, acoustic and automation solutions for interior spaces. We work together with our partners to custom-fabricate window treatment systems that meet the specific needs of each project we work on.


Ver-Tex is New England’s exclusive distributor for Barrisol’s award-winning stretch ceiling systems. Founded in France in 1969, Barrisol quickly gained traction and soon began distributing its products worldwide and is now one of the world’s leading suppliers for innovative lighting and acoustic solutions. Partnering with Barrisol was a natural move on Ver-Tex’s part, as the two companies share many of the same values, including environmental responsibility, customer satisfaction, and quality products. Barrisol’s unique stretch PVC and unique track systems have earned dozens of industry awards over the past 50 years.

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With a focus on innovation and quality, Ver-Tex and Draper work closely together to design high-performance, one-of-a-kind shade systems for every type of application. Based in the United States, Draper manufactures its products domestically using deeply researched materials and highly effective hardware to fulfill the requirements of each unique project. As a member of the US Green Building Council, Draper joins Ver-Tex in striving to save energy, be environmentally responsible and to create LEED-worthy products and lean processes while collaborating to discover the ideal window shade solutions for our customers.

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Hunter Douglas

Teaming up with the designers at Hunter Douglas, Ver-Tex offers a wide range of custom shades, blinds and draperies for commercial and residential buildings. Utilizing today’s cutting-edge technology, Hunter Douglas manufactures motorized and fully integrated automatic shade systems as well as traditional manual varieties to meet the needs of any customer. For large or high windows, or for customers with limited mobility, automated shade systems can be easily operated through voice commands, remote control or mobile application to provide a smooth, hands-free experience without cords, without hassle and without reaching.

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Ver-Tex works with Lutron to provide maximum control of daylight to enable building occupants to work comfortably, at the optimal temperature and without unwanted glare from the sun. Known as “designing for daylight autonomy,” Lutron automated shades can be paired with Hyperion solar adaptive technology as part of the building envelope design to give Ver-Tex customers an ideal energy-saving solution that gives building occupants control over their comfort.

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To block solar glare and reduce heat gain while retaining outside views, Ver-Tex and Mecho pair up to create custom shading solutions that encourage alertness and minimize eye fatigue as well as reduce reliance on electric lighting and building air conditioning. As a result, office workers can become more productive, overall energy costs can be reduced and the building’s HVAC system can last longer. Ver-Tex is equipped with the tools and knowledge to professionally and efficiently install customized window shading solutions from Mecho’s innovative manual, motorized and automatic lines.

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