Eric Fruzzetti

With a background in craftsmanship, fabrication, and public service, Eric is a results-oriented person whose drive and sense of urgency are disciplined by his concern for the accuracy and quality of his work. He is an avid learner and is sure that true potential is limitless. Eric is an all-around outdoorsman: whether it’s an extreme climb or fishing a lazy river, it’s got his name on it! He is also a writer of deep poetry and a loving family man. The only thing that eclipses his love for his country is the love for his family, who he suspects is the reason for everything good in his life. And the food’s good too… Eric enjoys a huge spectrum when it comes to his taste in music, focusing on songs that have meaning or tell a story. One of his favorite quotes is, “I could never be a teacher of the people; I am a learner of the Universe.”