The 6 Hottest Home Design Trends of 2017

From multi-functional designs and elements to mixing metal finishes, we had some of the top designers and professionals weigh in on the hottest trends you’ll be seeing in 2017.

Liz Toombs, C.I.D, Owner, Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors & Out of the Box Room Design

grasscloth-wallpaper-300x203Wallcoverings have matured since your grandmother had bold  floral prints adorning her wall. I personally love grass cloth. The key to choosing the right paper is to make sure the busyness of the pattern is appropriate for the space where it will hang.  I advise clients to avoid a busy print in a large, regularly used space like their living room, as they will likely tire of it quickly.  Contrary to that, a powder bath is a small space where not much time is spent, so it’s safe to be bold on those walls! If you’re afraid to commit to a wallpaper, try it out in a small area of your home such as the back of a bookcase or china cabinet. If you like how it turns out, consider adding some pattern and texture to other areas of your home.  Be careful not to paper everything, choosing strategic placement for wallpaper gives you maximum impact.

traditional-kitchen-300x200Mixing finishes – Tastefully mixing metal finishes in your home is very chic. We are mixing our
metals in jewelry, and the look is stunning. Why would home fashion be any different? Homeowners often feel they have to choose one metal finish and stick to t throughout their entire house – not true.  Don’t get pigeonholed into one finish. Mix things up and you’ll be surprised how naturally things work together. Antique brass and oil rubbed bronze are my personal favorite combination.

Sacha Ferrandi, Founder, Source Capital Funding, Inc.  

One of the biggest trends in 2017 will be the rise of
‘Smart Everything’.smarthome-768x389 As appliances and amenitie that connect with the internet (such as Nest, smart fridges, heated driveways, etc.) become more affordable, we will see a rise in this type of ‘custom’ design in new homes and renovations

These smart appliances are part of a general trend of customization in the home design word. This is especially true for Millennials that are entering the home industry, as they want to purchase homes that are built around their interest and desires.

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Matthew Goodwin, Founder and President, Ver-Tex Construction Specialties, Inc.  

img_0342-300x267One of the biggest trends we see continuing to increase is daylight  harvesting. Daylight harvesting maximizes natural light, helping to enhance efficiency and productivity, while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Motorized shades can be a tremendous aid tomaximizing how you use (and conserve) daylight, especially when those shades or blinds are integrated into a smart home automation system. On a sunny day, the space uses less artificial light. On a cloudy day, the interior lights will brighten to create the ideal work environment.

These shading systems also protect furniture, fine art, rugs, and even wood surfaces, from the sun’s damaging UV rays. As more families move towards creating a smart home, motorized shade control with iPad apps and new remote controls are increasing in popularity.outdoorseating-300x226

Doug Hopeman, CEO, Artificial Plants and Trees

The use of multi-purpose furniture will be a huge design trend we see next year. Many homeowners are looking for furniture that is versatile and weather-proof but still modern and luxurious.

Lilian H Weinreich, Owner, Lilian H Weinreich Architects

Elegant room dividers: full height sliding partitions are multi-functional and multi-user friendly.partitions-744x1024 No matter the ceiling height, full height partitions elongate a space. They can also be used as folding screens to provide privacy, in the image below, a folding screen shields the view from the front door. Partitions can also create flexibility by dividing spaces. Glazed screens allow daylighting while still providing privacy.

Source: American Classic Home





Ver-Tex Shading Solutions Expands its Presence Outside of New England

New Office in Miami Supports the Growing Need for Commercial Design Services

(BOSTON – September 14, 2016) Boston-based Ver-Tex CSI today announced it has expanded its presence with a new office in Miami, Fla. to support its growing customer base and establish a presence in the very important South Florida market. A third office in Miami shows Ver-Tex’s commitment to obtain a leading position in the market comparable to its position in New England.

“We expect to grow our Miami business significantly in the coming months and plan a number of investments to support this ambition,” said Matthew Goodwin, Ver-Tex CEO. “Based on our 30 years of experience, Ver-Tex is well positioned to offer the market a trusted, yet new, option for window treatment and Division 10 specialty solutions for commercial projects.”

The expansion will provide general contractors and the architecture/design community a leading window treatment provider able to offer unbiased design advice, along with Division 10 specialty packages, and the required expert project management services in accomplishing large projects. Some of Ver-Tex’s past New England commercial project include: Berklee College of Music, TripAdvisor Headquarters, Boston’s Millennium Tower, Edward Kennedy Institute, Harvard University Smith Campus Center, Brown University School of Engineering and more.