Choosing the Perfect Drapery Fabric for Your Window

As any homeowner knows, fabric is a crucial aspect when selecting curtains. Essentially, the material will dictate how your curtains function and how well they hold up over the years. Fabric that is too heavy may make the room feel a bit too dark. On the other hand, if fabric is too light, the room appears unfinished.

Are you Seeking a Formal Appeal?

If you answered yes, opt for drapes which tend to offer a heavier fabric. The formal quality is determined on the fabrics ability to hold pleats and folds. Some of the best fabrics for drapes are velvet, brocade, silk-textured weaved, and jacquard. Additionally, consider woven wools, linens, and heavy cotton drapes,

Create a More Casual Space

To make your room or office appear more casual, use informal curtains which come shirred or gathered at the top. These are usually make from a lighter material such as a broadcloth, chintz or sheer synthetic. You can always enhance your curtains with a pleated heading or an intricate tieback. The lightweight curtain and informal fabric will still maintain the casual style.

Protect Your Indoor Privacy

When it comes to your privacy, you can never be too cautious. By using tightly-woven opaque fabrics or light-blocking cotton, you can easily block out nosey neighbors from peeking through. A layered window treatment is another smart option as you can create either partial or complete privacy. Get this look by gathering semi-sheer panels with heavy drapes.

Absorb More Natural Light

Sheer fabrics such as cotton, linen or synthetic are the best options when enhancing natural light. You can also choose light-catching fabrics that reflect existing light. Sheers and shimmers that come in light colors or brighter patterns work well when trying to get the most available light.

Eliminate Outside Lights

Blackout fabrics eliminate 99 percent of exterior light from making its way into your home. Ideal for home theatres, these can be used when homes are too close together. These types of fabrics are woven closely together to join several layers.

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