Ver-Tex, founded in 1985, is the industry leader for design & installation of window treatments and construction specialties products. We provide services and products that improve the lives of our clients. Our window treatments and construction specialties help enhance commercial & residential environments to achieve each specific design goal. Our promise to you is to uphold superior quality standards by honoring our employees and our partners. It’s about how we treat each other, the care in which we design and install our products, and how we deliver the best customer experience each and every time. Keeping that promise makes us accountable to you and to each other – every day.

Our Core Values

  • #ThatWasEasy

    Every interaction with a client is an opportunity to beat their expectations. We strive to always be a valuable resource to our clientsby providing open, curious listening to fully understand their needs and we keep them up to date even when issues arise by providing clear, open communication. It is our goal that after each interaction, our clients walk away thinking, “That was easy!”.

  • #WorkLifeBalance

    We focus on supporting each employee as a WHOLE person in all aspects of their life. Taking care of the physical, mental, and emotional well-being, allows one to be focused and in peak performance with their accountabilities. We provide flexible work schedules, surprise appreciation perks such as outings, cookouts, and time off, and encourage “unplugged” vacations. Work-Life balance? Yes, please!

  • #PushTheEnvelope

    We challenge status quo and strive for excellence, doing the best of our abilities in everything we do, both personally and professionally. Creating an environment of transparency around results, bothsuccess and failure of results, gives us the opportunity to learn, grow, and innovate which fosters individual, team, and overall company success. We are creating our own future and legacy by pushing the envelope.

  • #StopCollaborateAndListen

    Stop – Be fully present to whom or what is in front of you.
    Collaborate – Everyone has a voice that is heard.
    Listen – Open and curious listening brings out the genius in others.
    (Credit to Vanilla Ice)

  • #SmoothOperator

    By constantly evaluating our current ways of doing business, we are continuously evolving and improving our best practices to stay ahead of the curve. There is always room for improvement and we do not let old habits dictate our future. By creating current and efficient practices, and having regularly scheduled ‘debriefing’ sessions, we ensure that we run a smooth operation.

  • #OwnIt

    Clarity of our processes and goals as well as learning“partnership communication principles” is the foundation for holding ourselves and others accountable. Taking ownership for the impact of one’s actions is the difference between success and failure. We don’t pass the buck, we own it!


As a family-oriented company, we have deep care and respect for each other as individuals, each with unique contributions that make up the whole. We are a developmental community where we learn together and hold each other accountable for what we say and do. Every voice together is the harmony of Ver-Tex, in what we are in behalf of and building for our future. Here, you’re not just a number, it’s a place “where everybody knows your name”. Cheers!